Martina Schmidl is the founder of AYMS® and the soul and energy source of the company.

Growing up in a family with a background in the textile business, she soon discovered a natural flair for styles and fabrics, quality, and detail. From an early age, she knew what she wanted to do - and later would do. Born in Germany, she found her heart home place in Cape, and Martina has been commuting between Cape Town and Munich ever since. 

The world of lifestyle is her passion. She is constantly on the go, full immersed in the essence of life. Martina begins every single day with a desire to experience something new. She sees challenges as opportunities, manages her company with total dedication and a good helping of gut instinct. 

She is as natural as can be. Clear headed, heart beating with passion.
AYMS - all you are - modern luxury lifestyle - martina schmidl - founder - ceo - martina schmidl ayms
With AYMS®, she created something she felt was missing. It is a lifestyle concept that is thoroughly thought out - every category, every item, and every detail. High supreme quality and responsibility. Timeless and long-lasting. It is much more than just functional; it is extra ingenious.

A lifestyle concept that looks to the future with respect, full of curiosity and love for the individual. With AYMS®, she wants to offer a source that makes conscious consumerism possible — setting new standards and giving true inspiration and positivity. 


Designed in Germany.
Produced in Europe.