When speaking about quality, we do not only think about our products themselves but also about the way they are sourced and made. That's why we only produce in Europe and with selected producers who meet our standards. Partners that help us guarantee efficient and sustainable supply chains.

In an effort to reduce water and chemical use and to ensure that our raw materials always maintain the highest quality, we only use soft biotreatments. Our products are packaged in canvas bags which can be used at the gym or on your next getaway.

The use of the best renewable and certified raw materials is primary for us:
Supima cotton - organic cotton- sustainable jersey

We produce exclusively in Europe with selected producers who meet our very high standards and guarantee transparent supply chains. Our values are also reflected in the fair cooperation with our partners.

Our collection is made to last. The fit, function and washability of our puristic modern designs have all been conceptualized and crafted in precise detail. 

We manufacture our certified fabrics to process our garments with minimal chemical treatments. We use recyclable, biodegradable plastic bags, as well as tree-free paper and our packaging is designed to be reused to accessorize your outfits.